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At Moon River Transactions our goal is to help Agents leverage their time so they can focus on other aspects of their business. We want to take your non-incoming producing tasks off your plate & handle your contract to close needs.

Below you will find a detailed explanation of the tasks we handle from the moment you receive a bound contract until after we are closed along with a few additional services we provide.


Transaction Management from Contract to Close

First things first! When we receive a bound contract, we will look over everything to ensure it is filled out correctly & compliant. If any changes need to be made, we will ensure this gets completed. We continue this throughout the course of a transaction & submit documents to your Brokerage within 7-10 days of closing.

If you are the Listing Agent we also make sure your MLS is compliant. Once we start a file, we change the Listing to "Active Contingent". Once we are past any contingencies it will be changed to "Under Contract" & once the file is closed & complete, we mark the Listing as "Closed".


Once we have created a file in our system for your transaction, we send an initial email out to all parties informing them of important dates, information, & sending a copy of the contract. In that email, we also ask all parties to keep us in all communication so we can stay on top of things throughout the course of the transaction.

Our first email goes out to your client directly & includes you & the Attorney's office. If you are representing a Buyer with a Lender, they will be included as well. The second email will go out to the Agent on the other side & any assistants or Transaction Coordinators they may have.

From there, we have scheduled, scripted emails that go out throughout the transaction.

Some brief examples include:
  • Confirmation of Home & Termite Inspections
  • Confirmation of Earnest Money
  • Remind Buyer to find an Insurance Agent for their Home Warranty
  • Inspection Report received & explanation of next steps
  • Updates from Lender on Appraisal & Finance Contingencies
  • Client attendance at closing & scheduling closing time with Attorney's office
  • Check-in on Home Warranty & any other items that may be needed before closing
  • Request for Preliminary Settlement Statement before closing
Any documents received will be uploaded to the Dotloop file & distributed as needed to parties.


When a transaction is started you will get email invitations for all important dates throughout the transaction. Any time a date is modified, we ensure it is changed in the calendar. We have prompts in the system before any date expires to check in on the tasks & ensure completion before the expiration of any contingencies.


If any Amendments need to be written up during a transaction, we can do it for you! Whether it is an adjustment to the Purchase Price, change in Closing Date, or an Amendment to Address Concerns. We will write it up & ensure it is sent to all parties who need to sign & circulated as needed once executed. 

Additional Contract to Close Services

Although we do not perform services such as negotiations or Home Inspection orders, we provide many other helpful services throughout the course of a transaction. A list of these items are below:
  • Confirmation of Home & Termite Inspections
  • Order Home Warranty
  • Write Up Commission Agreement
  • Obtain a list of Utilities & distribute as needed
  • Collect invoices & distribute as needed
  • Schedule the Closing time with the Attorneys office & any other parties
  • Send out Reviews to your client on your preferred Real Estate Pages after closing
  • Ensure every aspect of the transaction stays on track & closing goes as smoothly as possible!
Additionally, our Transaction Management System, Open to Close, has a Portal where you can have full access to the file 24/7! This will have all dates, important information, contact info for all parties, notes that were taken thus far & tasks that have been or will be completed. 
We also send out a "One-Sheet" that contains all the above information at the end of every week so you have a summary of all aspects of your transaction performed thus far.

Additional Services Provided

Along with Contract to Close services we offer the following during business hours:
  • Compliance Only
    • If you want your paperwork looked over and submitted to your brokerage, we can handle that for you. Pricing varies depending on what is needed. ​
  • Contract Offer Writing
    • If you are busy running around and do not have time to prepare an offer for your client, let us handle it for you! We can get the offer together, send to you for review, and off to your clients for signature. If you prefer us to also send the offer to the Listing Agent we can do so as long as we are still within our normal operating business hours​
  • MLS Listing Input
    • We can handle all of the input information, photo upload and ordering, document uploading, and ​description writing.
We also work with Agents and offer additional custom Transaction Management services.
Do you have a need that you aren't sure how to fill?
Reach out and see if we can work to help you find a solution! 
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